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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Are we there yet?

Considered the 'express' breakfast this morning so to be quickly away on our next drive, however on seeing the ham, cheese croissant option, decided to pay a little more and stodge up. It was worth it - today's drive from Mulhouse to Pisa took us 9 hours!!!

Quality moment of the day took place whilst chatting to two English blokes outside our Mulhouse hotel. They were standing next to their large van with the words 'livestock' on the side. "What are you transporting?" Sonja asked. "Oh, a couple of lions" one of the blokes replied. "Oh!!" Sonja exclaimed. Turned out later that day they would be transporting two lions from Mulhouse to Dublin, as you do.

Anyway, back to us, left Mulhouse at 8.15. Fell taking the wheel to ensure we didn't get lost and completed the most amazing drive through Switzerland (Heidi type houses everywhere, snow-top mountains whilst drenched in sun, beautiful Swiss church spires, lakes, giant Lindt bunnies) AND TUNNELS. Oh the tunnels. About 20 plus tunnels carve their way through the French, Swiss, Italian mountain ranges. Delightful I'm sure, but when your tired, driving through (longest of 17 kms) of tunnels, it's not funny. Anyway Fell nailed them and then passed the driving to Holden.

She's a legend!!! Really, i had blissful countryside quiet driving, Sonja on the other hand had busy, hectic, reckless Milan traffic to deal with. It's true, Italians drive like men possessed!!! Well, as I say, Sonja handled it like a true pro and took on 3 hours of solid unpleasant driving. There's a good girl!!!

Ironically, Fell then stepped back into the driving seat to complete the final 2 1/2 hour leg with again, beautiful,  picturesque scenery and very few cars. C'est la vie as they say!!! ;-)

Arrived at Pisa, quick shower change and off into town. (Hotel perfect, clean, lovely hosts, 15 mins walk to town and free parking). Straight to the Tower (truly amazing, really, better than i'd ever expect), and then straight to a bar for a beer, followed by a three course meal at a fantastic restaurant. E40 total for three courses each and a litre of wine (as I type now, i'm suitably pissed on that very litre!).

Sonja dropping off in bed now, me very tired too. Tomorrow, more of Pisa in the morning and Florence pm.

Question to the crowd (no Googling allowed); Why is the leaning Tower of Pisa leaning so?


  1. Really enjoying your blog! Keep it coming. I sympathise with Italian traffic. when I went to Rome, i risked my life every time I crossed the road. Enjoy your ventures xx

  2. It leaning because you farted and blew it over!?

  3. Got any suggestions for Rome? When did you go?

  4. Rome - Ah!
    Well, you have to do the Vatican, as the architecture and art is AMAZEBALLS
    Plus, there is a great little tea shop (yes tea) next to the spanish steps, does some amazing cake!
    Pisa - always thought it lent because of subsidence? Could be bollocks though!

    Loving the blog! ANd the photos!