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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Farewell Cashmere Cortona Farm!!!

Work of the steps continues
The weather truly blessed us on our last week at the farm. Gloroious sunshine all week enabled us to forge ahead with the steps which we finaly finished on Friday afternoon. After many hours, sweat and a few splinters the 22 steps were done. Sonja and I were very chuffed.

To celebrate, we all went down to the bottom field and toasted our work with sundowners (bubbly), a play on the trampoline and a photoshoot with the goats. The rest of the night was spent outside eating a fantastic BBQ, drinking wine and telling tales of previous step conquest. Summer had arrived!!!!

Sonja, Maurizio and Margaret with baby goats

Thomas flying high!!!!
 On Saturday all the family (that includes us now!!!) headed off to Cortona market. We sampled a varierty of batered fish, delicious gelati and of course a coffee. We even got to see a wedding take place in the main square. Cortona is a delightful little town on the hill with a nice blend of locals and tourists, making people watching whilst sipping your coffee a great passtime.  After a surprise stop-off at a local monastary, we spent the remainder of the day soaking up the gorgeous weather.

Sampling the delights from the market

On our final day  (Sunday) Margaret, Maurizio and the boys took us out for a fantastic farewell lunch at a nearby Agriturismo. We stuffed our faces with a fantastic selection of antipasti, meat, vegetables and pizzas all washed down with some red. Proper Italian food at it's very best!!! The evening was spent with one final photoshop lesson for me by Maurizio, a few games of cards and a reading of our poem for the family.

Our farewell feast
So after 6 weeks at Cashmere Cortona Farm our time had come to an end. We feel extremely privaleged to have been able to stay at this amazing property, become part of a fantastic family and learned so many new skills. If you're ever in that part of the world head over to the farm for a few nights, you won't regret it.

Thanks guys for everything and see you again someday xxxx 

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