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Friday, 18 May 2012

Grappa and beetle pies

Finally no hangover today!! M14 delivered again with an excellent breakfast and a slick check-out. We hopped back into the car and started our 2 and a half drive to Lake Garda. And what a lovely drive it was via the mountain passes, mountain tunnels. We arrived at the north end of Lake Garda in  town called Riva and then continued a short drive further to Limone via stunning lakeside road. 

With the sun still shining, we dumped our bags and headed off to the town centre, located on the water’s edge. We walked along the man-made pebble beach, through quaint little streets and into a variety of small shops selling anything and everything with a lemon logo on it. What surprised us were the amount German tourists and the menus and buildings having a German / Austrian influence.  Our Italy experience was changing.

Stunning mountain and lake views
I think I've missed the boat!

Suddenly the heavens opened so we headed back to the hotel for a rest and change for the evening. Later on, we headed back out to the waterfront and found a lovely little restaurant and tucked into some yummy pasta and wine. Why do most Italian restaurants insist on having the television on? Thankfully by now the rain had ceased. After dinner we headed to the lake front and watched an amazing FREE concert. A Beatles tribute band called the Beetle Pies played to about 1000 people under the stars until 11pm. They were very impressive and Sonja, as only Sonja can do, danced the night away aided with a glass of grappa.

A fantastic night and welcome to the beautiful Lake Garda.

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