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Saturday, 19 May 2012

The earth moved!!!!

We woke up this morning to find the sun was out, just!  Breakfast was yet again delicious, with the option of prosecco and tonnes of salami and cheese (very German).  We moved our bags to our new hotel room (or should I say suite) which was amazing.   There was a roll-top bath in the mezzanine bedroom and a great balcony with views of the lake. 

Walking down to Limone harbour we found the ticket office and took the boat over to the other side of the lake to Malcesine.   Mooching around the market, shops and promenades was very pleasant and then we headed to the world’s first revolving gondola up to the top of Monte Baldo.   It was a bit chilly at the top of the mountain but the bracing wind was very refreshing.  As we walked along the top of the ridge, there was evidence of the tiny ski resort with a chair lift and a couple of drag lifts. 

We had seen the parascenders flying above the mountain from Limone and now we were able to watch them take off from the top.  As we sat down on the grass we watched dozens of people unpack their giant backpacks, sort our their parasails and then take off over the edge into a graceful descent.  Amazing.

Back at the hotel we spent an hour or two relaxing with a book and a bath in the roll-top and playing a round of backgammon with beer on balcony. Dinner was a short walk up steep hill where we enjoyed good food, a  LITRE of the quaffable red stuff and the footie.  It was an interesting experience watching Munich v  Chelsea surrounded by Krauts.  Sonja had to be stopped from cheering too loudly as her team won on penalties.

At 4am we awoke to the room shaking rather dramatically, "it must be an earthquake" we decided.  I have never seen Rob jump out of bed so fast and we were faced with the interesting prospect of getting out of a building quickly whilst stark naked.  Luckily it stopped after a minute or two, but we were pretty shaken and wondered if there might be another quake.  It was a restless night after that.

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