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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Giro D'Italia

Am I dreaming? Looking out at the incredible lake views from our balcony, I was presented with blue skies, lush green mountains and a warmth that made me smile. The holiday is back on track!! With the Italian Cycling competition, Giro d’Italia, kicking off in the morning and a lovely mountain walk planned, we headed off to breakfast with a skip in our step. As we passed the prosecco table (as we had every morning) we decided today was the day to indulge. Two large glasses of bubbly to help wash down our salami, cheese and bread etc.

After breakfast we dashed down to the waterfront not wanting to miss the start of the race, got a great view on a bend in the road and sat,  waiting with anticipation.   We waited and waited and waited. Two hours to be precise! We got the time slightly wrong, but hey, who’s counting, the sun’s out! Besides, both of us were enjoying the view of the many athletes cycling past in their stream-line kits!! Eventually about 200 cyclists headed off past us and started a hill stage up the mountain.  A sight to watch which made me think of sleeping with a super model: Well worth waiting for, but over all too quickly!

As the crowds and back-up  teams faded away, we set off away from the town centre in search of a waterfall Sonja’s mother had mentioned. The other reason for this mini adventure was to check out the Hotel La Limonea. This is a huge hotel complex that both Sonja and her parents have stayed at in the past and currently has been on the receiving end of some damning trip-advisor reviews.
We found the waterfall which, as promised, provided magnificent views of the lake. We then had a sneaky look around the hotel.  It is massive, dated and full of rather old, German residents. It could be something quite special and probably once was. It is located in the best spot on the North side of the lake and has some spectacular views.  A good project for someone though!!

To fully make use of the day’s glorious sunshine, we headed back to the hotel and hit the pool. Well, not strictly the case. The pool was too cold for anything more than a toe dip. We did however read our books on the loungers and kind of feel like we were doing the pool thing.

After a quick shower, we cracked open our very own bottle of bubbly and sipped away on our balcony whilst nibbling nuts and playing backgammon. Our delightful evening was completed by another delicious meal at our local restaurant (where we watched Chelsea play) and a sensible half litre of wine this time! A fantastic day was had with the most welcome return of sunshine.

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