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Monday, 2 April 2012


Cashmere Cortona Farm is down a seriously steep gravel track in the middle of a forest and overlooking the mountains. They have three self-catered appartments of varying sizes (which are all lovely), two very nice sons of 10 and 7, a lot of land  and twelve goats which they keep for turning into cashmere to sell and for eating the meat themselves.  "Lucky" the goat thinks he is a dog but he runs around the place jangling his bell like a proper mountain goat whilst trying to get stroked and to make it into out house.  Naughty Lucky :-(

Lucky the goat trying to break in.

Our work completed for the day!

Today our task was to hoe four bedding areas and get rid of the weeds.  This was a challenging job as the soil was very dry, rocky and hard so I'm betting our arms will be sore tomorrow.  It took us about four hours but it was really pleasurable as the sun was shining, the birds were tweeting and we were accompanied to the constant cockadoodle dooing of the most humungous cockerel I have ever seen.  Apart from all the nature there is absolute stillness and silence where we are as we have very few neighbours.

Giant Cock
Lunch was a very simple yet tasty pasta with Margaret, our host and then we relaxed a bit by reading in the sun on our veranda and being with Thom who took us on his golf cart to fly a remote control plane and burn the leaves that we had cleared earlier.
Later in the day Rob decided to go for a run which seemed like complete madness as the slopes are extreme here.  He did come back alive, if a little pink in the face but I know my dad would have been proud and would be dead jealous if he caught a whiff of these hills!

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