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Saturday, 21 April 2012

It's more expensive in Zizzi's!!!!!!

After drinking many a fine bottle of Montepulciano at Zizzi's in Hampton Court with Jacqui and Alex, we decided it was time to head to the town of Montepulciano to find some more of this fine wine.  A gorgeous drive through undulating hills smothered in freshly budding vines led us to yet another beautiful and historic town, filled with wine cellars, great views and steep climbs.  With a glass of the local rosso and a plate of garlicy bruschetta we sat in the sunny main square taking in the Italian charm.  Bliss!  Unfortunately there were so many cellars and wine shops selling such an array of different Montepulciano wines that it rather confused us and we ended up going home empty handed.  Luckily we found a 1.5lt bottle at the local supermarket for only 2.50 euros (£2.25) - BARGAIN!!!

As we tried to head home up past Cortona we found that all the roads were blocked.  Curious to find out why, we pulled over and discovered a sports car road race.  Eddie would have loved the roar of engines as these brightly coloured speedsters rocketed around the sharp bends and up the hills.  Imagine Monaco Grand Prix only with a little more hill and a little less people.  Eventually the road was cleared and in the square of Cortona we found a prize of shiny Ferrari's.   We were about to put down a deposit on one until our faith in Ferrari's was literally doused as we spotted a lone, blue race car with it's engine in flames.  We'll probably stick with the reliable Ford Focus for the time being.


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