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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Home Alone with a Whore's Pasta!!!

At last all of the visiting friends and relatives have departed Cortona Cashmere Farm and whilst Rob and I have enjoyed joining in with our additional Italian family members and savouring many new and authentic Italian dishes, we are looking forward to having a quieter house.

Our wish went one step further as Margaret and Maurizzio headed off to Milan yesterday, leaving us HOME ALONE with the kids (well, only Thomas actually as Elliott stayed at a friends house).  What a responsibility - but Rob and I did rather well getting Thomas up in time and sending him on his way to school in his golf cart, looking after the chickens, goats, the cat and the dog and doing a bit of cleaning and washing.

Ever the domestic goddess, I have cooked up two batches of ice cream to use up the masses of fruit we have here.  The kiwis have made a rather delicious tangy kiwi ice cream and the apples have made a smooth apple and cinnamon yoghurt ice cream.  YUM.  Up for the challenge of competing with the Italians, I knocked up a puttanesca sauce for lunch, learning that this spicy tomato, caper, olive and anchovy sauce is also the name for prostitute's pasta (named thus as that's what they need after a good banging!!!!!!!).  Not content to leave it there, I have attempted a cauliflower and chick pea curry, which is ready to be eaten when Margaret gets in very soon.  I'm not sure curries are my speciality so I may stick to Italian in future.
My saucy sauce!
more than a mouthful....

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  1. Not sure if I've done this already but excuse me if I have. Funny but we had the same for lunch today and Dad said 'this tastes a bit fishy'. I think he thought it was off, was quite happy when I told him it was anchovy. Anyway great mind think alike Sonja but I don't think I'll go for the cauliflower curry. xxxx