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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Farticus, Cyclo Collapsicus and Parenticus at the Colosseum

Did you know that that world renowned place, the Colosseum,  is a actually called the Flavian Amphitheatre?  No, neither did we until we embarked on a great guided tour not only cutting out the hour long queue but also gleaning a wealth of bloodthirsty knowledge about this aging and depleted monster of a building.  This entertainment arena was not just used for watching gladiators but beheading and a whole list of entertaining fights starting with small animals and women and then escalating to larger animals such as lions, men and then finally gladiators took the finale.  Unfortunately almost all of the decorative details and marble cladding of this building were "recycled" by Roman builders after it stopped being used and many statues, columns and marble have ended up in the Vatican City.  In fact, I think most of the derelict looking buildings in Rome have lost their glory to the benefit of this Catholic epicentre.
Inside the Flavian ampitheatre
Great view from Palatine Hill
Still, we were left in no doubt about it's original greatness!  Our tour continued around Palatine Hill, the first settlement for Rome's city, at around 10th century BC, but by this time with the scorching sun and hungry tummies our brains and bodies were starting to flag.  We made a quick dash through the Forum and grabbed a porchetta foccacia (a herby, roasted pig sandwich) as we embarked on another LONG walk back to our apartment for a chance to rest before going out in the evening.

Tired after the tour
As we headed out into the balmy warm evening, we found the Trevi Fountain which is set in a little square and filled with people listening to the water tumble over the rocks and the dramatic statue of Neptune and his horses.  At night the fountain is really beautiful with lights illuminating the turquoise waters and highlighting the white marble.  Quite a spectacle!
Onwards, we pushed past the many street stalls displaying handbags, art and much souvenir tat towards the Pantheon.  It's huge columns were lit up dramatically and we peeked though the keyhole of it's giant door, knowing we would come back another day to look inside.  As we headed back towards the Piazza Navona for our aperitivi (pre-dinner drink) we had to restrain Dad from the ice creams and promise him one after dinner.  There is literally a Gelatari in every street!
Pantheon columns
Massive door
Trevi Fountain at night

We had already sussed out a restaurant that promised Mum a delicious artichoke meal with a great bunch of artichokes displayed out front and Dad the "chicken alla romana" he so fancied for a good price.  Perhaps we should have taken the omen of a dodgy restaurant when they gave the four of us a table,  in front of another couple and the unusual drain smell as we sat down.  Dad was slightly put out when they told him they didn't have the chicken on the menu but things went from bad to worse as they informed him that they didn't have his spaghetti bolognese as they were serving the rest of us our meal.  The icing on the cake was when they served  Mum her main course of over micro-waved, chewed up and blackened artichoke on a bed of nothing. We will not be recommending this restaurant on Tripadvisor any time soon!!!!!!!

Oh, I do like a gelati!
The gelati on the way home made up for the lack of chicken a tiny bit.

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